Christian Believers Church Worship


We believe worship plays an important role in preparing the congregration to hear the word of God. We love the fact that songs and words of praise and worship can heal, restore and strengthen the broken hearted. Join us on a sunday morning to experience worship in a whole new way.

Christian Belivers Church Worship


We Love missions. Missions is our Heart Beat. Our Senior Pastor began mission work in the year 2010 supporting native missionaries in the north. Today we have grown to support (23) missionaries in the north; streching from Punjab to Bhutan's border and from Orissa to Maharastra

Divine Deliverance Mission
Christian Believers Church Founder - Pr M Jayapal

Pr. Jayapal, Founder & Senior Pastor

We began our Church with a vision to from Luke 1:17" make ready a people prepared for the Lord." We believe in teaching the whole truth of the Gospel. We believe that worship plays a key role in bringing the people into the presence of God and preparing their hearts and minds to listen to God's word. We welcome you to join any of our services.

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